Calling all schools!

Earn Your Stripes is our brand new, colourful fundraiser taking place in August 2021, and we’re inviting schools across NSW to get involved!

The stripey fun will be happening throughout August, with a fantastic finale Friday on 27 August – all to raise money to support sick children and injured and their families through difficult times.

Sign up now or get in touch today if you’re interested – we’d love to tell you more!

3 simple steps to make a difference

Sign up with your school

Get the whole school community involved, choose your stripey wear, dare and share activities – the more the merrier – and start planning for multi-coloured mayhem!

Get stripey, have fun and raise cash

Cheer students and staff through their challenges, get everyone baking for a top-of-the-class cake sale, and celebrate in style with a stripey mufti day on finale Friday, 27 August.

Earn Your Stripes for seriously ill children

Count up the dollars you’ve raised and feel proud that, together, you’ve made a real difference for seriously ill and injured children and their families supported by Ronald McDonald House Charities GWS.

How your school can get involved

Get your whole school community to earn their stripes by holding a stripey mufti day on finale Friday (27 August) and asking everyone who takes part to donate. Children, parents and staff all welcome!

How about choosing a particularly ‘special’ stripey item for the Principal to wear for the day and asking children and staff to sponsor them for being a good sport?

Get the socks!
As everyone’s fundraising total grows, they’ll be earning their stripes – if they manage to hit $100, they’ll receive a pair of our official stripey socks to complete the look!

What will you or your school dare to do to Earn Your Stripes? How about sponsoring your Principal or other staff members to get into full stripey tiger facepaint on finale Friday (27 August)?

Walk the walk
Or you could get the whole school community – including willing parents – involved in a stripey sponsored walk, fully kitted out in eye-catching outfits. Cameras at the ready to help nudge everyone’s friends and family to donate and support the cause!

You could Earn Your Stripes by working with other staff and parents to organise a stripe-themed fundraiser at your school.

You could hold a stripey school fete, with lots of games and activity stalls, and donate the proceeds to Ronald McDonald House Charities GWS.

Bring on the cakes!
Or you could host a bake sale at your school, share the making and baking out amongst staff and parents, and sell colourful cakes and other stripey goodies to raise money.

Get your whole school community to earn their stripes by holding a stripey mufti day on finale Friday (27 August) and asking everyone who takes part to donate. You could even hold a competition for the most original stripey attire!

Participants who raise $100 or more will receive a pair of our official stripey socks for the ultimate class-y look – and those who manage to hit $500 will be proudly sporting a colourful cap.

Get kitted out
Perhaps you could persuade your sports teams to play all their matches in stripey socks throughout August – raising vital funds for Ronald McDonald House Charities GWS at the same time as letting other schools know that you’re proud to be supporting our vital mission.

What will you dare to do at your school to Earn Your Stripes? Your students are bound to have some great ideas – why not get them involved in the planning?

You could get one or more teams of staff or students together to take on a challenge such as a run, walk or cycle – kitted out in full stripes, of course – and get everyone to sponsor them.

Put on a show
Or perhaps you could persuade the most daring to step out on stage in their stripes and take part in a talent show or a battle of the bands?

You could Earn Your Stripes by working with staff and students to organise a fun, stripe-themed fundraiser at your school.

You could host a bake sale, share out the baking and making duties and sell colourful cakes and other stripey goodies during breaks and at lunchtime to raise cash.

Dance for donations?
Or you could work together to organise a stripe-themed social event – a trivia night, a disco, or a games evening – and get everyone who attends to make a donation.

Why take part?

By getting involved in Earn Your Stripes, you’ll be raising funds to support Ronald McDonald House Charities Greater Western Sydney.

Ronald McDonald House is built on the simple idea that nothing else should matter when a family is focused on the health of their child.

Today, Westmead House provides a safe place to stay for over 2,000 families each year. Through our accommodation and support services, we strive to keep families together when life gets turned upside down due to a child’s serious illness or injury.

How we’ll support you

We can inspire you with tried-and-tested fundraising ideas and tips, tailored for schools

We can help you promote your Earn Your Stripes activity amongst your school community with a range of posters and useful forms

Everyone who manages to raise $100 will receive a pair of our official stripey socks for the ultimate fashion statement!

We can provide your school with all the online tools you’ll need to support your event – including fundraising pages and easy, secure donation collection

If you’re up for some friendly rivalry between classes or other participating schools, we can set you up on our online leaderboards and get the competition going!

We’ll motivate your participants by providing rewards and recognition – your ‘Stripes‘ – as your school’s fundraising mounts up

Your questions answered

Do we have to do our Earn Your Stripes event on finale Friday (27 August)?

No, you don’t have to do your event on our finale Friday. You can choose any day during the Earn Your Stripes month in August – there’ll be loads of other stripey activity happening then across NSW!

How will we be able to get hold of the official stripey socks?

Your participants can get their official stripey socks by fundraising $100 or more. Every dollar you raise as a school community will mean we can support even more sick and injured children and their families in their time of need.

Karen and Archie’s story

“Our youngest son Archie was diagnosed with a tumour in his right femur on 8 March 2019. As he began his long cancer journey, our family stayed at Ronald McDonald House close to The Children’s Hospital, Westmead. We were able to walk to Archie’s treatment and back – the hospital doors were less than 300 steps away. It also meant we could have family time together, cook meals and have a room for us all to sleep in.”

– Archie’s mum, Karen from Wagga Wagga NSW

With thanks to our fantastic partners