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Earn Your Stripes is our brand new, colourful fundraiser taking place in August 2021, and we’re inviting companies across NSW to get involved!

The stripey fun will be happening throughout Earn Your Stripes month, with a fantastic finale Friday on 27 August – all to raise money to support sick and injured children and their families through difficult times.

Sign up today, or get in touch if you’d like to hear more!

3 simple steps to make a difference

Sign up with your workmates

Get the whole team involved, choose your stripey wear, dare and share activities – the more the merrier – and start planning for multi-coloured mayhem!

Get stripey, have fun and raise cash

Cheer daring colleagues through their challenges, sell colourful cakes at every coffee break and applaud the outrageous outfits on finale Friday on 27 August!

Earn Your Stripes for seriously ill children

Count up the dollars you’ve raised and feel proud that, together, you’ve made a real difference to seriously ill and injured children and their families staying at Ronald McDonald House Westmead.

How your company can get involved

Get your whole team to earn their stripes by holding a stripey dress-down day on finale Friday and asking everyone who takes part to donate. Ties, tops, tutus – wear what you dare!

How about choosing a particularly ‘special’ stripey item and arranging a donation collection for people to nominate who should wear it for the day?

Love the socks!
Make sure that our official stripey socks are on everyone’s kit list. Each of your colleagues will receive this exclusive, money-can’t-buy addition to their wardrobe once they’ve raised $100 – a great incentive to get them fundraising!

What will you or your workmates dare to do to Earn Your Stripes? How about sponsoring your boss (or bosses) to dress up in full stripey outfits for a day of meetings?

Or get a team of workmates together to take on a challenge such as a run, walk or cycle – in stripey outfits only, of course – and get everyone to sponsor them.

Double it up with matched giving!
If your company runs a matched giving scheme, ask them to sponsor your stripey dares and challenges too, to boost your fundraising efforts and make a difference for even more sick and injured children and their families.

Why not Earn Your Stripes by getting together with your colleagues to organise a stripe-themed fundraiser at your place of work? You could host a morning tea or lunch, share out the baking and making duties and sell colourful cakes and other stripey goodies to raise cash.

Get social!
Or you could work together to organise a staff social event – a trivia night, a long lunch, or a sausage sizzle – ask your company to help with set-up costs and prizes and get everyone who attends to make a donation.

How we’ll support you

We can inspire you with tried-and-tested fundraising ideas and tips, tailored for the workplace

We can help you promote your Earn Your Stripes activity around your company with a range of downloadable resources, including posters, leaflets, collection boxes and sponsorship forms

Participants who raise $100 or more will receive a pair of our official stripey socks – perfect for anyone who wants to make the ultimate fashion statement!

We can provide your company with all the online tools needed to support your event – including fundraising pages and easy, secure donation collection

If you’re up for some friendly rivalry between departments or other participating companies, we can set you up on our online leaderboards and get the competition going!

We’ll motivate your participants by providing rewards and recognition – your ‘Stripes‘ – as your company’s fundraising mounts up

Your questions answered

Do we have to do our Earn Your Stripes event on finale Friday (27 August)?

No, you don’t have to do your event on our finale Friday. You can choose any day during August – there’ll be loads of other stripey activity happening then across NSW!

How will we be able to get hold of the official stripey socks?

Your participants can get their official stripey socks by fundraising $100 or more. Every dollar you raise as a company will mean we can support even more sick and injured children and their families in their time of need.

Karen and Archie’s story

“Our youngest son Archie was diagnosed with a tumour in his right femur on 8 March 2019. As he began his long cancer journey, our family stayed at Ronald McDonald House close to The Children’s Hospital, Westmead. We were able to walk to Archie’s treatment and back – the hospital doors were less than 300 steps away. It also meant we could have family time together, cook meals and have a room for us all to sleep in.”

– Archie’s mum, Karen from Wagga Wagga NSW

With thanks to our fantastic partners